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Visiting Margaritaville Island in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Nestled comfortablely along the North side of the Great Smokey Mountains, sits the city of Pigeon Forge. First settled in the 1780s, much of its old town charm has stayed preserved, through the style of old shops and restaurants, and a sense of calm simplicity.

But while this beautiful mountain side city might have a peaceful soul, the city is anything but boring! Riding along Parkway street the lit up and colorful signs point out all of the Arcades, Go-Karts, amusement rides, mini golf, and much more! Pigeon Forge offers an endless list of family-fun activities that can take you anywhere from a Go-kart on a track to a Helicopter tour over the Smokey Mountains.

Amongst all of the fun-filled action is the crown jewel of all things entertainment, Margaritaville Island at Pigeon Forge. The perfect blend of southern charm and island vibes. The hotel instantly transports you to a Caribbean paradise with it's decor, music, and fruity drinks. The hotel staff are warm and inviting, always making sure your stay was perfect.

Unlike most hotels, our room wasn't a place to retreat from the fun, but instead a comfortable spot to enjoy the fun from! With our balcony overlooking "Market Street", the island energy was only a door away. Teeming with shops, arcades, and plenty of places to get a snack, Market Street has something for every member of the family.

For the kids, Margaritaville even has an amusement park that is home to plenty of rides, games, and their famed Ferris Wheel!

If you aren't quite brave enough to enjoy the ferris wheel from the tippy top that's fine too! I personally enjoyed watching it spin from the comfort of the pool deck! With the poolside bar serving delicious food and drinks, the pool deck felt like our second room!

Relaxation is never heard to find in Margaritaville, but possibly the pinnacle of peace at the resort was St. Somewhere Spa. St. Somewhere offers a variety of services and products, including massages, pedicures, nail services, and hair services. I personally enjoyed the 60 minute Wastin' Away Massage. After a long drive from Philly to Tennessee, the massage was just the right fix for all my tensions and stress. The perfect experience to set the tone for a trip full of relaxation and entertainment!

For any of my fellow travelers who want to check it out for themselves, use code Save25 and get $25 off each night of your own stay. Happy Traveling!

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