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Boho-Chic Mountain Lodge in Dawsonville, GA

The northern mountains of Georgia were a hidden gem I didn't expect. Going in, ever hopeful, I was met with lush green, majestic mountains, and endless horizon views that were undeniable.

Surrounded by the wild and wonderous landscape, Antlers Ridge Lodge offers an enchanting and cozy sanctuary. With it's spacious open format and generous natural light, the lodge feels like an extension of the nature around.

This is accentuated with the beautiful wooden walls and floors. But what shines brightest is the clear amount of thought and care that went into the decoration and design of the lodge. With endless amenities, games, and comfy spots, the house was much more like a home.

And with our day's filled with grilling, enjoying the hot tub, or just sitting quietly on the deck, the outside meerly felt like the biggest room in the house. Antlers Ridge Lodge was the ultimate experience of luxury and natural beauty, and is a must visit!

To find out more about this mountain getaway visit their website or find them on Airbnb or Vrbo.

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