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A Dream Treehouse in Georgia

The last stop on my tour of the north Georgia mountains was a charming town called Dahlonega. In the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains Dahlonega offers beautiful mountain side views, scenic waterfalls and wonderful wineries. Once home to the first major US Gold Rush, you can still pan the river for gold, but there are other treasures easier to find in Dahlonega. Daybreak Treehouse by Stay Dahlonega offers an experience to treasure that is truly priceless!

When you're little, a treehouse is a magical place. Nestled in the middle of the forest, surrounded by nature, and teeming with imaginative possibilities. An escape lofted in the sky, away from the ordinary world.

As an adult, that feeling of magic is often set to the side, replaced with responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments. Daybreak Treehouse is the perfect escape from the stress of the modern world, and a welcoming nest of comfort, guaranteed to set your mind at ease and warm the soul.

Approaching Daybreak from the trees it unveils itself as a tall and spacious wooden home, suspended in the sky. Below the almost floating house, hang two wicker swings, that share the decks view of the mountainside. The wooden bridge style walkway leads to the front door and deck area. The wrap around deck offers an outdoor dining section, as well as, seating to enjoy the breathtaking view. The mountainside wall, covered mostly by windows, opens the space and melts the outdoor and indoor area together.

The woods outside blend seamlessly with the wooden walls inside. The interior has the natural and raw essence of the classic childhood treehouse, matched with a high quality build and thoughtfully decorated design. The boldly colorful rug and furniture pop against the woodgrain beams. A rustic and almost nostalgic aura is perfectly contrasted with the brightly colored modern decor.

Keeping with the treehouse vibe, a playful step ladder will lead you from the living area up to the stunning loft bedroom. Drenched with natural light from the front windows and skylights, and tucked away beneath steeple style ceilings, the loft feels like a mountaintop nest. The white comfy cloud of a bed floats on top of the breathtaking view.

Our stay at Daybreak felt like a Daydream! This fairytale treehouse made for a peaceful stay and a delightful experience!

Along with Daybreak, Stay Dahlonega offers a variety of unique getaways, including treehouses, farmhouses, and other designs. If you would like to book your stay with Daybreak click my link here:

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